The intent of this club is to educate our community and surrounding neighborhood, by providing them with an opportunity to participate in martial arts classes.  I hope to improve the situational awareness of my students, to empower my students to make strategical decisions for their safety and to provide my students with an opportunity to actively study effective methods of self-protection.

This club will provide students of all abilities with a variety of movement experiences that will lead to a healthier, safer and more physically active life.  Topics covered will include information about anatomy, assertive behavior, biomechanical principles, character development, conflict management skills, decision-making skills, fitness, goal setting, martial arts, motor skill enhancement, safety, self-control, situational awareness training and stress management skills.  Students will explore several cultures and languages, learn historical concepts and increase their self-esteem by becoming more efficient at protecting themselves.  Although these classes will be physically demanding, the content will be presented with a holistic approach and will enrich the overall mental health of each student.  Practicing mindfulness, developing awareness and staying calm under pressure are all tools that can be utilized in various areas of life.  The connection between mind and body will be amplified in the most efficient manner possible with the safest outcome.